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Rules & Regulations

General Behavior

Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree has become one of the most respected country music events in Canada. Please help us with this tradition. The following general information, procedures and regulations have been devised for your own safety and protection. Strict enforcement of all laws and regulations will be necessary to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience while at Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree.


Any armband that is tampered with, cut, broken etc. is deemed not valid. Any armband that is conterfit, you will be immediately arrested, charged with a fine amounting to $2,000 and removed from the Property.


Boot Hill Camping & Viewing Area

No Glass Containers allowed on Grounds!  Plastic and Cans Only!
No Driving Vehicles (Cars or Trucks) around the campground - Must be used for Entry, Re-Entry or leaving the grounds Only!
No Fireworks....No Drones.... No Loud Music....No Karaoke Machines etc

Motorized Vehicles (Golf Carts)

Allowed for transportation to & from the Concert Viewing Area. A designated area is set up for cart parking & all carts must be parked there. Anyone deemed to be not following these rules will not be allowed any further use of their Golf Cart.   No Vehicles (Cars or Trucks) are allowed to drive to Viewing Area entrance ONLY GOLF CARTS, Vehicles must stay parked at your campsite.  No ATV's, Gators or similar type vehicles, they will not be allowed on the Boot Hill property.  The only exception is "Mobility Scooters"  which are allowed into the viewing area for individuals with disabliities.

Car Parking

Using Main Entrance easily accesses daily car parking. Lots open at 9 a.m. Lots close one hour after the end of show each night. Over-night parking is not permitted. No Tailgating. All vehicles will be towed 1 hours after the show ends, at the owner’s expense. Any illegally parked vehicles or vehicles parked in an unauthorized area will be towed. 

Designated Drivers

Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree supports the Designated Driver concept. We urge you to decide in advance who will be your group's designated driver. Need a cab? Inquire at the main gate. Please: Don't Drink & Drive. 


Security personnel are on duty around the clock throughout the grounds for the entire weekend. Your full cooperation with them will be greatly appreciated. Please report any incident requiring attention to either a Security Officer or to Event Staff personnel.


Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree features festival style seating so bring your lawn chair. Shade umbrellas, canopies or any obstruction limiting the views of spectators will not be permitted within the general viewing area. Event Management reserves the right to ask spectators to remove any items that obstruct viewing or that may be objectionable. Please respect the views of those seated behind you. A limited reserved seating section is available. . Food and beverages are available in the viewing area or you may bring your own.. All chairs etc. are removed from the concert area at the end of the show each night, so don't leave personal items behind when you leave. Management accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. No glass containers allowed in viewing area.



Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree makes every attempt to be HC accessible. Limited HC parking is available for those vehicles displaying the HC Identification. Staff are available to assist you enter & leave the facility. We have a area very close to the Viewing Area for those wishing to Come & Camp for the Weekend.  Call the Boot Hill Office 519-678-3434 to arrange Handicapped  Camping.  Handicapped campsites are in Section D, for your convenient these lots are directly behind the Limo Drivers Campsite, so see these gentlemen for your transportation needs. 

Please be assured that all....

of the above Rules & Regulations will be enforced and there will be no second chances. Our main objective is to make our event an enjoyable experience for all of our loyal country music fans. Please observe "Quiet Time" as we have close neighbours! We are sure we will be able to report that due to the combined effort of our staff and all of the fans we will have relatively few problems at the show. We would like to thank everyone and ask for continued support at future shows!


If you like to travel light,

we do have food & drink concessions throughout the site. We have tents where you can buy official Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree souvenir items, as well as Artist souvenir items. We also have various Vendors selling merchandise where you can pickup various supply items during your stay, such as ice, cold drinks, first aid & personal hygiene, etc. 

Information Centre

An Information and Lost & Found Center is located at the Main Entrance


ATM machine on site situated behind the Ticketbooth ( Camping Gate).


NO LARGE DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE JAMBOREE GROUNDS. We allow small "lap" dogs to enter the grounds on the conditions: #1. The dogs stay at the campsite. #2. The dog does not bark or make any excessive noise. #3. If there are any complaints about the dog, the owner will have to remove the dog from the premises. The owner will not receive a ticket refund and the owner is welcome to come back on the grounds without the dog. No Dogs will be allowed to go into the Viewing Area, they must remain at your campsite.


In August the weather is usually sunny, with temperatures in the high 80's, but remember, “This is Canada, The Great White North!” It is advisable to use sunscreen lotion and to drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages. Be prepared for summer rains. The show will go on if at all possible! If the conditions deteriorate to the point that the public’s safety is at risk, the show may be delayed. Every effort will be made to complete the day’s show if possible.


Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree is an outdoor rain or shine event, therefore, you will have Mother Nature to contend with. Here is a brief listing of some things you might consider bringing along to make the event more comfortable & pleasurable for you:

· Cooler with drinks & snacks (no glass containers please, we do check at the gates)
· Lawn chair
· Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat (for the hot & sunny days)
· Rain gear, warm / dry clothes (for the cool evenings or rainy days)
· Spray bottle (to cool down with)
· Comfortable shoes (Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree is a big place, you’ll do a lot of a lot of walking)
· Moist towelettes (for your trips to the portable toilets)
· Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. (When the sun or the partying gets to ya')
· Camera (you will see some memorable sights at Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree!!)
· Wagon, cart, etc. (for transporting all your gear, cooler, etc. into the viewing area. We encourage folks get really creative!) The more creative, the could be our "Contest Winner"!!!!



Port-a-jons have been conveniently placed in the viewing area and campground. Please help keep the viewing area and campground litter free - put your trash in the provided trash receptacles.


Food & Beverages

A wide selection of your favorite foods and beverages are available, including: hamburgers, cheeseburgers and sausage, sandwiches, poutine, fries,  specialty coffee, soft drinks, etc.
Ice is also sold on site!  See Marg "the Ice Lady"


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