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As Camping is included in your Weekend pass, Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree campers will be some of our most loyal fans...and these folks will be coming back 5...10...15 years from now to what will be one of Country Music's greatest events. Much of the heart and soul of the Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree experience will come out of our campground. Our campers, to a large extent, will set the tone for our event - a tone will allow us to become known as one of the friendliest and most fun-filled jamboree event of this size in Canada!


We have "primitive" style camping spaces with no hookups. We can accommodate tent camping as well as RV's.


Campers are parked in order of arrival in General Camping area, the earliest arrivals get the best spots. If you want to camp with friends, you need to arrive together. We will however make every effort to accommodate you....3 have arrived & 4th camper coming just ask the Parking Staff.   VIP & Reserved camping is available through the Boot Hill Office 519-678-3434. Reserved & VIP Camping -- Lots are 20x60, Registered under your name & Parking Staff escort you to your lot when you arrive.  When purchasing your Reserved or VIP lots a Camping Pass will be included with your tickets.  Please bring this Camping Pass with you as Parking Staff will attach to your camper.  All people who purchased VIP or Reserved Camping in the current year have the 1st option to re-new the same lot for the following year. Campers who have VIP Lots in Row 2 in the Current year have the 1st option to move up to Row 1 if a lot becomes available.  To be fair to all site holders in Row 2 - move to Row 1 will be based on the date you have renewed your site for the next year.   Any sites  not renewed  will go on sale for 2023 on a 1st Come 1st Service basis.


Youths and Children Must be accompanied by an Adult. To avoid any potential problems an Adult must accompany all youth and children. Even if a youth has purchased a ticket in advance, they will not be allowed on the grounds unless accompanied by the adult. THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND IF THEY HAVE NO ADULT TO ACCOMPANY THEM. We are doing this as an effort to try and control drinking under age. We at the Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree DO NOT condone this type of behavior.


Only Weekend Pass Campers & Campers with "One Night Passes" are allowed into the campgrounds of Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree. Any persons found without armbands or without "proper" armbands are trespassing on private property and will be charged with TRESPASSING.


Absolutely NO GLASS containers permitted on the grounds. Please bring your beverages in cans. If you have any glass containers for food or beverages they must be left in your camper, tent or RV.  Please pour your drinks into plastic containers. Our "No Glass" policy will be strictly enforced.


Generators will be allowed to operated 8 AM until 1 hour following the last performance (usually around 12:30PM). If your generator makes excessive noise or creates excessive fumes you will be asked not to use it. Please remember everyone is here for a holiday and to have a GREAT TIME! We understand some people have health related issues that require the use of generators all night. In fairness to other campers, these generators must be whisper quiet and not disturb other campers in any way. If you have health issues & require hydro to run a breathing machine please call the Boot Hill Office 519-678-3434 as we do have an area to accommodate this.


Absolutely No Driving of Vehicles around the campsite, Vehicles (Car & Trucks) are entry, leaving the grounds & re-entry only!


No Drones!   Boot Hill Jamboree does has an authorized person taking some video over the weekend.

Only Gof Carts allowed.  No ATV's, Gators or similar type vehicles, they will not be allowed on the Boot Hill Property for 2018.


People come from near and far to listen to the music we provide on our stage and to jam at your campsite afterwards. Loud music from vehicle radios, amplifiers or any other sound system that is a disturbance to everyone and is not allowed. Anyone caught disturbing the peace in this way will be evicted without a refund. Please remember that Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree has neighbours close by & please be respectful of them.



**We Provide Rough Camping Only - No Hydro or Water Hook-Ups Available**


All persons camping in or utilizing Boot Hill "Country" Jamboree campground facilities do so at their own risk. No liability is assumed by owners, managers, promoters, sponsors or others camping.




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